editing services 


Do you need some guidance on your work-in-progress or rough draft?


A developmental edit looks at the big picture, ensuring that your content, organization, and details best serve the themes and purposes of your manuscript.

I can provide you with a detailed editorial letter with feedback on all issues relevant to your manuscript, such as structure, pacing, clarity, tone, voice, audience, and style. Often, an editorial letter points to topics that can be addressed in a supportive ongoing way via weekly, biweekly, or monthly coaching packages.


In addition to an editorial letter addressing “big picture” issues, such as organization and theme, I can provide comprehensive line edits within your document via Track Changes. This type of “heavy” line editing will address a wide range of issues, including structure and clarity on both the sentence and paragraph level, word choice, transitions, rhythm, and pacing.


You’ve finished your project. Now it’s time to move beyond “big picture” issues and polish your manuscript.


Copyediting corrects grammatical errors, awkward sentence structure, usage errors, punctuation, capitalization, and consistency. In addition, brief suggestions will be made as needed to improve clarity, concision, and style. 


Proofreading serves as a final check of your manuscript, addressing minor yet critical details like spelling errors, typos, punctuation, basic grammar, and capitalization. Any inconsistencies within the document, such as erratic spacing, blank pages, widows, or other formatting issues, will also be addressed.