Stories are wondrous
Stories are weird.
Stories can change the world

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your story

I write novels, short fiction and poetry for humans of all ages.


Why? Because I believe in the transformative power of story. 


As a teacher, editor and librarian, I've worked with children and adults to promote literacy and excellence in writing. 

So, yes, words matter. Coffee, too. I'm also fond of squirrels, tolerance, stray cats, trees, laughter and misfits.

Want to know more? Go here for my "official" bio.  

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your story

What if every story you told yourself was filled with courage,

with tiny acts of kindness,

and marvelous secrets?


What if every story you told yourself showed you how amazing you are,

how perfectly imperfect,

if every word revealed to you the hidden gold inside this world, inside your fellow humans? 


I hope you tell those stories, even if you never write them down. I need to hear them. Maybe you do, too. 


what i write 


What i read